Frequently Asked Questions

No registration is necessary, however if you wish to track which Brag Badges you've earned, then registration is required. Otherwise simply choose which Brag Badges you wish to earn and complete the requirements to earn the Brag Badge.

Each one of our Play Unplugged Areas have a list of their respective Brag Badge activities. Simply choose your area from our list of Play Unplugged areas. Once on the areas page, go to their respective "Brag Badges" page. The link will be found in the navigation. From there you will find the complete list of activities. For many of our areas, new activities are being added all the time so be sure to check back often.
While the program is free for all to participate, some Brag Badge sponsors may charge a small amount related to their activity in order to earn their badge. Being said, the vast majority of all badges can be earned at no cost. If in fact a Badge Sponsor is selling their badge, please let us know. This is not allowed.
This depends on the sponsor of the Brag Badge. Some may require a photograph. Some may require something in writing. Others may only require your word. Please see the details page for each Brag Badge in order to verify what needs to be done in order to receive the badge.
Absolutely! Not only do we want to help people get out and become more active, we want them to learn more about their surrounding community. So have fun collecting as many Brag Badges as possible from as many Play Unplugged areas as possible.
The Play Unplugged program officially starts Memorial Day weekend and goes until Labor Day weekend.
Play Unplugged is designed for kids of all ages, from 2 to 92. Being said, our emphasis is on kids between the ages 6 and 18 to put down their electronics and get out and play again. But if we're being honest with ourselves, we all could use a little less screen time and more face time with our loved ones. Play Unplugged is designed to help remind all of us that while technology should be part of our lives, it shouldn't be the center of our lives.
Play Unplugged lanyards are given out prior to the end of school to all children participating in public schools from the given area the program is in. If your child did not receive a lanyard or you wish to receive additional lanyards, you will find lanyard distribution points in each Play Unplugged area. In many of the areas, there is a nominal cost in order to receive additional lanyards. Please see your respective area's website to learn more.
With the exception of a few Brag Badges, no, you do not need a lanyard to earn Brag Badges. Being said, many Brag Badge Sponsors will provide discounts or promotions simply by wearing a lanyard.
You can however you will need to travel to the closest area in order to pick up any badges you've earned. Brag Badges are intended to be picked up in person from their respective sponsor. If you'd like to bring Play Unplugged to your area, please contact us and we'll help make it happen.
This depends on the Badge sponsor for the badge in question. We would encourage you to contact them and see if they'll give you another one.
Each Brag Badge has a point allocation assigned to it called "Brags". Either 1, 5, 10 or 20 Brags may be assigned to the badge in question. The higher the Brags, the more difficult the activity. Some areas have chosen to track the number of Brags earned in order to qualify participants for additional prizes and/or drawings. To learn more, please see your respective area's website to learn more.