Links to resources that help cut the ties to media violence.

Take the Challenge Now! - link A pre-school through high school media eduction program that reduces unwanted behaviors in our youth such as obesity, aggression and substance abuse.

Family Friendly Video Games - link This website provides a quick way to illustrate if a game is indeed Family Friendly. Their editorial director checks out each game and asks a number of questions before deciding whether or not a game can be considered family friendly, such as:

  • Is the video game fun for parents to play with their kids?
  • Will kids of various ages and skill levels be able to play it?
  • Can kids navigate the menus and get to the gameplay without any assistance?
  • Does the video game have any educational value?
  • Is there any questionable language, or any sexual or violent situations?

After the appropriate gameplay testing, games that are deemed Family Friendly receive the Seal of Approval.

SOS Parents - link The Center for Successful Parenting website is designed to provide information about the negative effects of violent video. The site provides over 900 research citations including the breakthrough scientific brain scan research as well as video clips, news updates, and parent tips.

Parent Further - link Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed in the ever-changing, ever-growing worlds of technology and media? Most parents today work hard to find a proper balance between keeping up, and staying ahead of the kids. This site will help you find that balance.

University of Michigan Health Systems - link This website is part of the University of Michigan Health System and has great resources including links to research which is organized by questions, eg. “Does TV affect children’s brain development.

Media Smarts - link This is the web site of the Media Awareness Network (MNet), one of the most comprehensive collections of media education and Internet resources. MNet is a Canadian non-profit organization that has been pioneering the development of media literacy programs since 1996

Children Now - link Children Now is the leading, nonpartisan, multi-issue research, policy development, and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting children's health and education in California and creating national media policies that support child development. The organization also leads The Children's Movement of California